Phentermine Prescription Coupon

Just show this screen at the pharmacy counter

RxBin 600428
RxPCN 05100000
RxGRP 05990001

Cardholder Information

  1. Present discount coupon card at pharmacy counter when you drop off your prescription.
  2. Coupon is pre-activated and free, there are no additional steps, just present at the pharmacy counter.
  3. No registration required.
  4. No limitations. No Maximums. No expiration.
  5. 64,000 pharmacies participating.
  6. Use for all drugs, not just phentermine. As 60,000 prescription drugs on our formulary.
  7. Questions? Call us:(800) 921-6629

Pharmacist Information

Processing the AxiaRx Coupon Card

DST recommendations
  1. Always enter the Cardholder first and last name (we do not receive this information from Argus).
  2. Always enter information exactly as it appears on the card– i.e., BIN, PCN, RxGroup, Member ID.
  3. Always process as a Primary Transaction– The transaction will reject if processed as a secondary transaction.
  4. Contact the DST Help Desk should assistance be needed +1 (866)-921-7284.