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The lowest national chain right now is Target, offering around $11 for 30 phentermine 37.5 tabs.

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Top 20 Doctor Specialties that Prescribe Phentermine for Weight Loss

Family Practice physicians account for nearly half of all phentermine prescriptions. Here is a list of the rest of the top 20 doctor specialties prescribing this drug. There are dozens more but this will give you an idea of who to work with to obtain a prescription. These are listed in order by most common.

  1. Internal Medicine
  2. Nurse Practitioner
  3. Emergency Medicine
  4. Physician
  5. General Practitioner
  6. Gynecology
  7. Endocrinology
  8. Obstetrics
  9. Cardiovascular
  10. Anesthesiology
  11. Home Health
  12. Nurse - Licensed Practitioner
  13. Surgery - General
  14. Dentistry
  15. Family Practice
  16. Bariatric
  17. Hematology
  18. Cardiology
  19. Diabetes
  20. Pediatrics

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