Is Phentermine an Appetite Suppressant

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that has been approved for use in doctor-regulated weight loss programs. Because it acts in a manner similar to an amphetamine, it has been classified as a Class IV drug and cannot be obtained without a prescription.

Like other appetite suppressants, phentermine is not a fat-dissolver; it won’t make fat go away on its own. Its function is to affect the central nervous system and promote the release of certain biochemicals called neurotransmitters.

These chemical substances are released by nerve fibers and play a role in how we feel and respond. In other words, they can mimic various sensations, one of which is the feeling of being full or having no desire to eat. In this respect, they can help eliminate cravings for food and control overeating. The neurotransmitters released by phentermine can also stimulate your metabolism, which can help you to burn calories.

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